Perfect guide on how to fully enjoy Japanese “Delivery Health”, from its fee system, “Honban” to STD!

Many of you readers may want to enjoy “Fuzoku” (the Japanese sex / sexual industry) upon traveling to Japan. As the industry in Japan has various forms of service and related laws / regulations, however, some of you might be feeling anxious over how to play them each in there.

This article will focus on and fully explain “Delivery Health” (often shortened as “Deli-Hel”) in Japanese Fuzoku, from how to enjoy it, its fee system, whether to be able to enjoy “Honban” (actually having a sexual intercourse or “inserting” your penis), whether non-Japanese customers also will be accepted to how to pick the best venue / shop for you, which will be done by a “pro” who has thoroughly enjoyed and known it himself.

What is “Delivery Health”?

“Delivery Health”, put concisely, is a non-shop-type (not-served-on-the-spot; delivered-to-hotel) Fuzoku service, where a girl will come to your hotel room, etc. and give you a blow job and other sexual services (make you “come”).

In Japanese Fuzoku, basically “Honban” (actually having a sexual intercourse or “inserting” your penis) is prohibited by related laws, which is also applicable to Delivery Health.

If you really want to have sex (Honban), you are advised to go to Soap Land (if interested, please read another article of ours on Soap Land); it is not necessarily true that Delivery Health is of a lower quality (as one doesn’t involve Honban), since it covers a very wide range of services as opposed to Soap Land and they say there are more than 10,000 Delivery-Health shops nationwide. Delivery Health is, so to speak, “a high-end escort service (just without an actual intercourse)”.

As to its fees, you can have fun in Delivery Health at a lower price than in Soap Land; it is a form of Fuzoku service very popular both for Japanese and for non-Japanese as you can easily call a girl to the hotel you are staying in or one specialized in that (called “Love Hotel” in Japanese).

Please read this article to become a master of Japanese Fuzoku, as Delivery Health is one of the best Fuzoku services in Japan even for non-Japanese people once knacks on how to enjoy it are acquired.

Locations of Delivery Health

You can invite a girl from Delivery Health basically in any of “bustling areas” (a city where pubs and night clubs gather like renowned Shinjuku or Shibuya). There are more than astounding 10,000 shops (or “receptions” as you don’t usually play right there but in a designated hotel) in northernmost Hokkaido, Tokyo to Osaka and Kyoto as well as Okinawa nationwide.

Therefore, you can enjoy it in almost any place / area; famous sight-seeing sites do NOT fail to have one.

Fee system of Delivery Health

One of the reasons why it is a bit tough for non-Japanese people to enjoy Japanese Fuzoku is its fee system(s), which differ depending on forms of service and require you to comprehend well.

In Delivery Health, depending of the rank of shops, its fee basically ranges from 20 thousand yen to 100 thousand yen, with normal ones 20 thousand to 30 thousand yen; high-end ones 40 thousand to 60 thousand yen; super-high-end ones 70 thousand to 100 thousand yen.

In some shops, you may enjoy playing with a famous porn-film actress in Japan (which of course should be rather expensive).

Up until several years ago, some shops wouldn’t accept non-Japanese; in recent days when the number of visitors to Japan is on the increase, there are more of Delivery Health that do accept non-Japanese or are even specialized in non-Japanese.

It is very easy to confirm whether one accepts non-Japanese: shops with a homepage written in a foreign language (English / Chinese) or most of shops listed in “Japan Night Guide” accept non-Japanese; meanwhile, ones with a Japanese homepage only often do not.

Thus, please “take a look at homepages to make sure”.

If you are worried, just call the shop or consult our site, “Japan Night Guide”, which can introduce Delivery Health most fitted for you.

How to have fun in Delivery Health

Broadly, there are 3 steps in your playing in / enjoying Delivery Health, which won’t change either for Japanese or for non-Japanese.

Again, broadly:

1] To choose Soap Land / the shop

2] To make a reservation at it (you may play without making a reservation, which is NOT recommended)

3] To go there and have fun

These 3 steps.

The biggest advantage of Delivery Health compared to other forms of Fuzoku is that “you can invite the girl to the very hotel you are staying at”. You can have the girl come either to your hotel or to a temporary hotel (Love Hotel) nearby; thus, you can have fun flexibly regardless of places (where you are).

Here, we will explain how to choose the shop, meet a good girl or one suited for you, and have fun, smoothly.

Choosing Delivery Health

In choosing Delivery Health / the shop, you are advised to consider 2 factors:

1] Fee

2] Concept

These 2 factors.


The fee you’ll pay is directly related to the quality / services of the girl. If you play for the first time in Deliver Health, have in mind “30 thousand to 50 thousand yen per 90 minutes” or so, which assures you more than a passable quality. Depending on areas, however, fees vary; consider this as one standard, and confirm the ongoing rates in the area you are in and choose as good a shop in there.

The normal fee system is comprised of the following three:

“Basic fee + delivery fee (transportation) + option fees”
*If you play in Love Hotel, not your own hotel, you’ll have to shoulder the room fee additionally (if not paid to the shop), which is usually only several thousand yen.

The basic fee ranges from 20 thousand yen at cheapest to 100 thousand yen. Generally, the higher the fee is, the more beautiful / cute girls will be, where some shops even provide famous porn-film actresses.

The delivery fee is so-called transportation fee (taxi, etc.). If the shop is near the hotel, it is 2 thousand yen or so (possibly none, if within a walking distance); if one is faraway, it may cost as much as 10 thousand yen. Thus, we recommend that you use Delivery Health as near as the place you are planning to play in.

The options fees are for services you add optionally to basic services. You don’t have to choose any; if you see some you are interested in, add. These fees depend on contents and the number of options to add; depending on girls and options, however, you may not add (if the girl doesn’t like or “forbids” it); do so “when you make a reservation”, not later.

Concepts of Delivery Health

You may consider its “concept” as another factor in choosing Delivery Health, other than its fee. Japanese Delivery Health has a variety of concepts: “Lorita (kid-like)”, “School Uniform”, “Middle-aged”, “Someone else’s wife (-like)”, “Student”, etc.

Depending on areas, you can choose some concepts and cannot choose some concepts; please check Delivery Health recommended by “Japan Night Guide” by area.

As mentioned, Delivery Health has something called “options” in addition to basic services: special adult toys, back-scuttling, taking pics, etc. Concepts / options vary by shop; if you have something in mind, confirm in advance and tell them when making a reservation. When you meet the girl (on the spot), you may NOT be able to add the option(s) you want.
*If you do not make any mistake, ever, in fees / concepts, consult “Japan Night Guide”, which will recommend the shop best suited for you.

How to make a reservation in Delivery Health

Broadly there are two ways to make a reservation in Delivery Health:

1] By phone (mostly, it should be from a Japanese phone number, fixed one at your hotel or cell; if not, clerks may not answer)

2] Through its official HP or SNS (if any)

But it may be hard for non-Japanese to make a reservation either way. The reason is that most shops accept a reservation and provide services “only if you can use a phone” (for example, you may have to call the shop when you arrive at the room and notify it of your room number), and that there are few shops to which you can make a reservation through their official website.

Therefore, except for Delivery Health that officially accept non-Japanese, there are many cases when one might refuse you or it is tough to make a reservation.

Check “Japan Night Guide”, as it lists up a limited number of shops where you can make a reservation through their official website.

If you have a problem doing so, contact “Japan Night Club”, which will reserve on behalf of you.

◎A list of what you should have at hand in making a reservation:

・Timeframe (90 minutes, 120 minutes, etc.)

・When to start (at 21 o’clock, right now, etc.)

・Where to play (Love Hotel, your own hotel, etc.)

・Area and the hotel facility you are in (which will determine how to deliver the girl to you)

・Number of customers (you alone, 2 or 3 if you are accompanied by your friends, etc.)

・Cell / mobile phone number (a Japanese number would be better)

・How to contact you (Line, WeChat, etc.)

・Budget (30 thousand, 40 thousand, 50 thousand yen, etc.)

・Type of the girl you’d love (slim, cute / beautiful, with big breasts, etc.)

Please convey these pieces of information to the shop.

*Consult “Japan Night Guide” and we can introduce shops better suited for you (we can also convey your hopes on behalf of you).

Through communication on these, the time and place will be decided; wait at the designated place.

In some business hotels, etc., the girl may not enter it (alone).
In such a case, you “may” meet the girl in front of it first and then enter it together.
Make sure if the girl is allowed to enter or such an action is possible when you make a reservation.
Even if you can’t play in such a business hotel, you may instead choose using Love Hotel. Make sure also on this.

Specific flows in playing in Delivery Health

When your girl arrives at the hotel, the chime in your room will ring or its reception will call you up. Tell the hotel clerk that it is ok to invite her into your room. In minutes, she will knock the door or ring the chime; go open the door to let her in.

Especially in the case of using Love Hotel, you will enter one alone first; your girl will come later (in just tens of minutes).

Step 1: Pay your girl in advance when she arrives at your room

You have to pay the fee in advance. Pay her when she arrives at your room. No need for settlement in advance. The payment basically has to be made in Japanese yen. She may have changes prepared; but have the flat amount (with no need for changes) with you, just in case.

Step 2: Taking shower

After making the payment, go take a shower together with her. As she will wash your body, enjoy flirting with her. Do not ever fail to do so; if you try to start without taking a shower, she may hate it and the quality of her service may be lowered.

Step 3: Having fun

“Honban” (actually having a sexual intercourse or “inserting” your penis) is NOT allowed in Delivery Health. If you forcibly try to insert, it will be reported to police, clerks in the show will rush over and “tough guys” may show up at worst; avoid this, without fail. In fact, someone doing that, regardless of his nationality, either being Japanese or non-Japanese, may be arrested in such a case.

Avoid doing what your girl would hate, too.

Depending on services chosen, some shops offer kissing, blow job, inner thighs (intercrural play), etc. You are advised to make sure what you can / can’t do in making a reservation, as your play may change according to fee system / option fees.

If you have hopes, convey to her in advance.

Again, if you really want to enjoy Honban, go to Soap Land.

Step 4: Take shower again and say goodbye

After your play is done, go take a shower again. Have a light conversation and flirt with her while your body is washed.

Send her off to the door of your room and say goodbye to her.

Have a wonderful Delivery Health life!

Japan Night Guide hopes that your Fuzoku life in Japan will be as wonderful. While some shops are trying to improve services for non-Japanese customers gradually, for some shops it is hard to understand their system / fees.

If you are concerned or want to pick the right one, don’t hesitate to contact “Japan Night Guide”.

“Japan Night Guide” does hope that your Fuzoku experience in Japan will be a superb one.

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