Perfect guide on how to fully enjoy Japanese “Soap Land”, from its fee system, “Honban” to STD!

Many of you readers may want to enjoy “Fuzoku” (the Japanese sex / sexual industry) upon traveling to Japan. As the industry in Japan has various forms of service and related laws / regulations, however, some of you might be feeling anxious over how to play them each in there.

This article will focus on and fully explain “Soap Land” in Japanese Fuzoku, from how to enjoy it, its fee system, whether to be able to enjoy “Honban”, whether non-Japanese customers also will be accepted to how to pick the best venue / shop for you, which will be done by a “pro” who has thoroughly enjoyed and known it himself.

What is “Soap Land”?

“Soap Land”, put concisely, is a shop-type (on-the-spot, not delivered-to-hotel) Fuzoku service, where you can have “Honban” (actually having a sexual intercourse or “inserting” your penis), the sole kind among such services in Japan.

In Japanese Huzoku, basically Honban is prohibited by related laws. However, only in Soap Land you are allowed to, through many loopholes and interpretations in the legal system. How to play, manners and rules in it and its fee system are therefore made complex. This service, which enables experiencing so-called Honban, is ever popular especially among Taiwanese, in Japanese Fuzuku for this reason.

While there are some worried voices over whether you might get arrested for having Honban (don’t worry about that!), please read this article to become a master of Japanese Fuzoku, as Soap Land is the very best Fuzoku service in Japan both for Japanese and for non-Japanese people once knacks on how to enjoy it are acquired.

Locations of Soap Land

“Susukino” in Hokkaido, “Yoshiwara” in Tokyo, “Kawasaki and Yokohama” in Kanagawa-ken, and “Kanazuen” in Gifu-ken, “Fukuhara” in Hyogo-ken and “Nakasu” in Fukuoka-ken are traditionally famous Soap-Land towns.

Basically, you can experience Soap Land only in such designated areas. Thus, if you decide on where to enjoy it first, the rest will be easier to arrange.

Among all, Yoshiwara is reputed in Tokyo, while you may go to some other areas in it such as Shinjuku, Shibuya or Ikebukuro to enjoy Soap Land.

Fee system of Soap Land

One of the things most difficult to understand for non-Japanese people to have fun in Japanese Fuzoku, especially Soap Land, is its “fee system”.

Soap Land that has its Japanese homepage only shows “the entire fee = bathing fee + service fee” (some of which may not be yet displayed as a definite monetary amount). Many of you may wonder what “bathing fee” means. In fact, Soap Land is a Fuzku service under a premise that “it is a place where the customer takes a bath (involving actually getting into the bathtub in Japanese way) and the serving girl washes his body; the reason why Honban is possible is that “a free-willed love”, including Honban or having an actual sexual intercourse” is taking place there, which the shop itself does not know or pretends not to notice.

Thus, such a complex fee system has been adopted.

But as the number of Soap Land that cater to non-Japanese is on the increase recently, there are more of descriptions easier to understand. If Chinese and / or English homepage(s) exist, the amount of money written on it = the (“true”) entire fee to be paid.

Therefore, you may interpret that:

・For referring to Japanese homepage, the true entire fee will be about three times that listed on it (additional fees will be required).

・For referring to non-Japanese homepage such as English, Chines or Korean, the displayed fee is the true entire fee (as it is).

If you are worried, just call the shop or consult our site, “Japan Night Guide”.

How to have fun in Soap Land

Broadly, there are 4 steps in your playing in / enjoying Soap Land, which won’t change either for Japanese or for non-Japanese.

Again, broadly:

1] To choose Soap Land / the shop

2] To make a reservation at it (you may play without making a reservation, which is NOT recommended)

3] To go there and have fun

4] To go home

These 4 steps.

The important point in having fun in Soap Land, compared to doing so in other forms of Fuzoku, is that you SHOULD make a reservation. The primary reason for this is that many of very Japanese people use Soap Land; ones will be especially crowded with customers on Saturdays, Sundays and national holiday as it is the only place in Japan where you can have sex (Honban), where the probability of meeting a good girl will be lowered.

Here, we will explain how to choose the shop, meet a good girl or one suited for you, and have fun, smoothly.

Step 1: how to choose

In choosing Soap Land / the shop, you are advised to consider 3 factors:

1] Fee

2] Age of girls

4] What you can do there

You should choose the shop best fitted for you around these 3 factors.

Such as Susukino in Hokkaido, Yoshiwara in Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama in Kanagawa-ken, and Kanazuen in Gifu-ken, Fukuhara in Hyogo-ken or Nakasu in Fukuoka-ken, Soap Land or its shops “gather” at a (designated) area.

*In Tokyo, however, there are good shops also in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro or Gotanda, etc.

Thus, if you really feel like to have fun in Soap Land, you are advised to check it by area. “Japan Night Guide” has articles summarizing characteristics of shops and recommended ones for each area, which for sure will help you.

If you can’t figure out by yourself which one is fitted for you, please consult our site, “Japan Night Guide”. We provide a free service to introduce good ones to you.


Fees for Soap Land depends on areas / shops. But broadly there are 5 price ranges: super-low-price ones to charge less than 10 thousand yen; low-price ones 10 to 25 thousand yen; normal ones 25 to 40 thousand yen; middle-level ones 40 to 50 thousand yen; high-end ones 50 to 80 thousand yen.

Most of super-low-price and low-price ones WON’T accept non-Japanese customers and there is a tendency for them to offer rather low-quality girls; we recommend normal ones or up.

“Japan Night Guide” has articles where our pros savviest to Japanese Fuzoku cite only recommended shops; please read them.


The “ages” of girls in Soap Land has a wide rage from 18 to 40, catering to both those loving young ones and those loving grownups. Overall, each shop tends to have a limited range of ages as its girls’ lineup.

Thus, if you want to research in advance, check their homepages to see whether one has girls of the age group you are interested in; most of them provide girls’ pics, which will also help your search.

What to do there (actual plays / contents)

As explained in the first part of this article, Soap Land basically does offer “Honban” (actually having a sexual intercourse / inserting); as the name “Soap Land” suggests, you’ll take a bath together with the girl you’ve picked; she will wash your body with her own body; and you’ll have sex with her.

Another reason why we recommend normal ones or up is that “contents” may be different: a services named “Sokushaku / Sokusoku” (literally meaning “instant blow job” / “instant sex”) are often added, where the girl will give you a blow job and / or Honban on the moment you enter the room before taking a bath.

It should be a superb service for those who will get excited at being licked / having sex for his body not washed yet; you can check the homepage of each shop to see if one provides such a service.

Your play just won’t end when you come / finish; you can have sex with the girl as many times as you want, as long as the time frame allows. In other forms of Fuzoku, your play would just end when you come / finish once or the time is up; in Soap Land, you may enjoy as many times as far as it is ok for the girl.

Step 2: Reservation

For Soap Land, as opposed to other forms of Japanese Fuzoku, it is recommended that you reserve and go have fun. The reason is that it is probable shops are congested not only on Saturdays and Sunday but even on weekdays, when the quality of girls tends to be lower.

Therefore, if you want to play with a cute girl “without fail”, you are advised to make a reservation. As you can make a reservation at official homepages, do so. If you do not like to reserve with your own real name, you may use a pseudo-name, too.

As some do not provide foreign-language services or won’t accept non-Japanese customers in the first place, for ones without English and / or Chinese guidance, contact “Japan Night Guide”, as we can make sure if one will accept non-Japanese or make a reservation on behalf of you.

Step 3: Having fun in Soap Land, finally

When you are done with making a reservation, head to the shop. Soap Land is called Fuzoku of “fixed-point” style; they have actual “venues” (or shops themselves) in which you’ll enjoy playing (as opposed to needing to borrow a hotel room). Thus, you need to head to the very place.

How to get there

As a Soap-Land town is located in a specific area in most cases, go to the nearest station by public transportation such as trains and use a taxi or get picked up by the shop’s car.

Basically, Soap-Land towns (or Fuzoku ones in general, for that matter) are “rather faraway” from public facilities such as train stations (not to disturb the public order); it often is hard to access one.

When making a reservation, you are advised to make sure if there is such a pick-up service and methods of access.

Upon arriving, tell your name and wait

Upon arriving at the venue, you’ll see male clerks (very rarely female ones) called “Kurofuku” (literally meaning “black suits” and mostly they are dressed that way). Tell them that you’ve made a reservation: “the time frame, your name (or pseudo-name) used in reserving and the girl reserved”.

*Depending on shops, if you go there without a reservation, you may be made to wait for a long time; in this case you’ll see pictures and pick the girl on the spot.

Then, you’ll be guided to a waiting room; wait there until called (where you may see other Japanese customers, but this is no problem).

While you are waiting there, you can kill time by cutting your nails, go to rest room or take a look at girls’ pics, which you can also enjoy as a “foreshadowing” mood peculiar to Japanese Fuzoku.

Called by clerks

Then, it is about time. While you are killing time in the waiting room, clerks will finally call you, when you can see the girl you have reserved / requested (again, finally). In most cases, they give you cautions and rules such as no taking pics or having to wear a condom, etc.

In case you breached such rules, there is a possibility, albeit slight, that “tough-looking” guys would show up from behind its backyard; so, beware (just in case!).

Then, just go to the playing room with your girl.

Taking a bath

After entering the room, you are advised to have a light conversation with her. However, most girls in Japanese Fuzoku are unable to speak any foreign language such as English or Chinese. With an assumption that such a complex conversation is not required, go communicate with her with simple and easy words as an icebreaker.

Then you’ll be asked to take off your clothes and go take a bath together, first. In some shops, the girl will wash your body together in the bathtub and / or offer “Mattress Play” (she’ll put slimy lotion all over your body with her own body on a mattress), which are mostly available in shops middle-level or up.

The long-awaited sexual intercourse won’t start yet there in the bathtub, where washing your body is the main purpose.

Waited for long! The time has come!

After you body is well washed, wipe and go to the bed set up there (just literally), where of course it is ok for you to have “Honban” (actually having a sexual intercourse / inserting) with her. While in some shops you may do so without wearing a condom, wear one if you are afraid of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases (but be assured that most shops require girls to take STD tests in advance).

As the shop (girl) prepare condoms, you don’t have to bring one with you.

You may start by yourself or let her start. It is totally up to you, now.

For courses with more than 90 minutes, most customers play it twice or more; if you want to enjoy it several times, take a course with longer minutes / hours.

Done, taking a bath again

After finishing having Honban, you’ll be guided to the bath again. She will wash your body and things end here. Pay her the service fee (which is not a “tip” but required for playing), which especially happens in shops whose homepage does not display the “entire” fee (honestly).

If you are unsure about the fee system, contact the shop directly or use “Japan Night Guide” in letting us make a reservation for you with the fee system fully confirmed.

Step 4: Going home / going back to your hotel

The girl will see you off at the venue; tell her a good-bye. Some shops may send you back to the nearest station by car; if so, wait in the waiting room; if not or going back by foot, just head to its exit.

Have a wonderful Soap Land life

Japan Night Guide hopes that your Fuzoku life in Japan will be as wonderful. While some shops are trying to improve services for non-Japanese customers gradually, for some shops it is hard to understand their system / fees, where sometimes “the honest entire fee” is just displayed or sometimes “three times” the amount displayed will be needed.

If you are concerned or want to pick the right one, don’t hesitate to contact “Japan Night Guide.

“Japan Night Guide” does hope that your Fuzoku experience in Japan will be a superb one.

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